There are six assignments in total, four of which are mandatory. Solutions of Assignments 4 and 5 are not mandatory but rather count towards your exam.

The first due date is rather late after the start to provide sufficient time to get acquainted with HPC and programming. Do not underestimate the time it takes to solve an assignment.

Please consider the submission instructions.

NameDue DateDescription
C Programming11 Sep, 5 PMBasic programming and development tools.
Optimization25 Sep, 5 PMPerformance measurement, diagnosis, and basic optimization.
OpenMP09 Oct, 5 PMOpenMP, a compiler parallelization framework.
Threads20 Oct, 5 PMThreads library.
OpenCL (optional)25 Oct, 5 PMFramework for heterogeneous computing environment (GPU, FPGA, etc.).
MPI (optional)25 Oct, 5 PMMessage passing interface for distributed computing.

Timeline for Assignments 2 and 3

Assignments 2 and 3 are centered around the implementation of one program. Here is a suggested timeline: