Gantenbein is a computer at the department of mathematics. You must have access to check and submit your assignments. Provided that you successfully registered in Canvas, you receive account data by email in the first week of the course.

If you, for instance, have the user name hpcuser223, you log into gantenbein via


After that you have a usual terminal to work in. Gantenbein does not allow for a graphical user interface, like all high performance computing environments. Use the terminal as explained in the course material on "Command line usage and basic workflow".

Your operating system

Most students prefer to connect to gantenbein from their own machines. There is no need that your system runs Linux as long as it provides the ssh command.

Transferring files to and from gantenbein

Should you want to edit files on a different system, you will need means to transfer them to and from gantenbein. We will not provide support for this, the officially recommended way is to work on gantenbein directly. To obtain files to submit via Canvas, you are recommended to use the command scp.

An example of copying files from gantenbein to the working directory on your local computer is

scp .

Note that the command might vary on operating systems different from Linux.