Canvas registration

You submit some of the assignments via Canvas. You have to be registered there; Please verify.


Details are given in a dedicated section.

Student representatives

For reasons of data protection, student representatives for the course TMA881 High performance are exclusively listed on the course PM in Canvas.

Chalmers and GU accounts

If you want to use the computers in the lab rooms on campus, you need a Chalmers or GU account. You can also use your own computer and log into gantenbein from there. It seems that all major operating systems provide the command ssh in their terminals, which will enable you to connect to the training system.


Some experience with programming is crucial, e.g. from a programming course. We will use C (and Julia for the purpose of some illustrations).

Despite the formal programming prerequisites, it is common that a vast majority of students does not know actual programming. It is crucial that you make us aware of your needs. We will do our best to help you get on track.

If you know programming in any imperative language, then learning C should be easy except for the memory handling. A good resource is General programming skills can be practiced, for example, at


Please try to keep to the suggested schedule published in the section Course Material. Thanks to prerecorded lecture material, students enjoy higher autonomy than every before, but this comes with the need for self-management.

Global discussion sessions

We will use the former days' lecture slots in the schedule as a type of global discussion session. If possible bring your laptop to actively follow the discussion. Traditional lectures are replaced by video demonstrations that you will find in the section Course Material.

Computer lab sessions

In the computer lab we provide guidance on all your questions, especially those arising from the scheduled videos and assignment. But really any programming and HPC related question is welcome. In case you have questions that go beyond the course material, we might prioritise students who are not yet there. This is not to discourage you, please persist, but rather a concession to an ILO-based teaching setup at Chalmers.

Assignments are the heart of this course. During the computer lab sessions you typically want to work on these, while you enjoy the possibility to directly ask questions.